Contemplative Prayer & Spiritual Disciplines Workshop – October 3, 2015

DSC_0169This past Saturday, Sonoran Theological Group concluded the 2015 Elevate International Leadership & Development Workshop Series with a workshop on Contemplative Prayer & Spiritual Disciplines. Our time with our partners at Elevate featured three STG facilitators, Sheila Yoder, Amy Jacober, and Cory Peacock. Thirty students walked away from the workshop with a strong understanding on how contemplative prayer and spiritual disciplines fit into the overall framework of the Christian life and experienced some guided practice in various disciplines.

Sheila Yoder began the workshop by walking workshop participants through a self-examination of their attitudes, strengths, and weaknesses as they pertain to spiritual disciplines. Yoder finished the early morning session off by guiding participants through a lectio divina of Isaiah 20.

Amy Jacober and Cory Peacock finished off the morning, contextualizing various spiritual disciplines historically and outlining their significance for us today, covering the elements of prayer, the classical forms of faith formation, and several faith forming processes as described by John Roberto in his book, “Reimagining Faith Formation for the 21st Century.

The afternoon session returned to various ways in which we can pray with and without words. This session included both guided practice and discussion on how to guide youth through these processes.

Elevate’s leaders brought the workshop to a close with a genuinely touching display of gratitude. Workshop participants were given space to share prayers for Yoder, Jacober, and Peacock, and the continued ministry of STG. Thankfully, the continued ministry includes another series of four workshops with Elevate International in 2016.

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