Our Vision

In response to God, the Sonoran Theological Group exists to serve God and build the Kingdom through theological education as we intentionally create an open and inclusive community of believers committed to engaging creatively in scripture, theology, and the world in which we live.

Our Mission

The Sonoran Theological Group provide practical preparation for ministry for women and men for a wide variety of ministry contexts in the church and in the world, serving God by serving humanity.

Engaging God’s call to peace, justice, and mercy, we equip servant-leaders for creative ministry to and among the underserved in our midst.

Taking the academic study of the Bible and theology, and practical preparation for ministry as equally important components of theological education, we prepare individuals for lifelong engagement with God and humanity in praxis.

Our Core Ideas

We believe that theological education in the 21st century needs to be practical, flexible, and affordable.

Practical: Many seminaries provide high quality theological education from which students graduate with a wealth of theological knowledge, but little idea regarding how to run a ministry. Other institutions teach the pragmatic skills of how to run a weekend retreat, but leave the students’ lacking theological or biblical depth. Indeed, there are a few institutions that do both well. It is a core value for the Sonoran Theological Group to be counted among those in this final group. In short, the Sonoran Theological Group provides practical preparation for ministry.

Flexible: Despite the advances in technology, which we embrace, the Sonoran Theological Group holds that face-to-face encounters remain the best means of education that is thoughtful and formational. Yet, we live in a rich and varied world, with students who have a variety of educational needs. It is a core value for the Sonoran Theological Group to meet our students wheresoever they are: in the classroom, online, one-on-one, on the lawn playing catch, or around the table drinking tea.

Affordable: The cost of graduate education is high. So high, in fact, that many seminary graduates cannot afford enter the ministry full-time in order to use the training for which they worked so hard. Many others, who have no intent of completing a degree, are precluded from receiving theological education due to costs, as well. It is a core value for the Sonoran Theological Group to remain affordable by keeping salaries moderate and minimizing infrastructure costs as much as possible.